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SITHGAM003 Operate a TAB Outlet


Do you want to stand out to potential employers? Be ahead of other the other applicants for positions in the Hospitality & Gaming industry with Practical Skills that include how to operate and maintain a TAB outlet, take bets, make payouts, check security issues and provide information on TAB to customers.



**NOTE: You must have completed SITHGAM001 Provide Responsible Gambling Services, to do this course**


This course will train you to set up, operate and maintain Totalisator Agency Board (TAB) facilities and to provide information to customers.

Why Should I Attend?

This course will equip you with this skills and knowledge to follow opening procedures, including:

  • daily form service
  • displaying form guides, race lists and sports lists
  • posting TAB race lists
  • programming odds monitors with the day's and night's meetings
  • restocking ticket bins and trays

process a variety of bet types , coordinate multiple transactions and activities, including typical customer and equipment problems, comply with responsible gambling legislation, codes of practice or requirements, integrate knowledge of:

  • security issues
  • TAB procedures including:
    • compilation of bet tickets for different bet types
    • collection of winnings
    • display of race types, including horses, greyhound and harness and their results
    • fixed odds
    • lodgement of forms
    • sports TAB
    • TAB telephone accounts


This course provides you with 3 hours of practical experience with a TAB outlet.

Some elements covered in this course:

  • 1. Set up a TAB outlet
    • 1.1 Turn on machines and log on
    • 1.2 Extract and action messages from machines
    • 1.3 Carry out opening procedures according to TAB guidelines and organisational procedures
    • 1.4 Set up Austext or Teletext facilities, ensuring pages and sub pages are correctly displayed on television sets
    • 1.5 Check TAB environment for appropriate cleanliness, temperature and lighting
  • 2. Advise customers on TAB operations and regulations
    • 2.1 Advise customers on TAB procedures according to legislative requirements and organisational procedures
    • 2.2 Respond appropriately and courteously to customer queries, requests and complaints
  • 3. Operate the TAB betting machine
    • 3.1 Follow TAB operations and administration manuals for paying and selling, cancellations and late cancellations, exchange of tickets, copy of tickets and reporting of lost and damaged tickets
    • 3.2 Interpret error messages and take action to rectify errors according to legislative requirements and organisational procedures
  • 4. Perform TAB terminal accounting and security procedures
    • 4.1 Complete end of shift balance according to organisational procedures
    • 4.2 Balance dockets for cash payments
    • 4.3 Pay out correct winnings to customers
    • 4.4 Verify large payments according to organisational procedures
    • 4.5 Monitor security of cash and venue according to organisational procedures
    • 4.6 Observe customers and onlookers and note and report unusual practices promptly
  • 5. Monitor daily racing activities
    • 5.1 Obtain information on daily racing activities through appropriate sources, including television monitors, TAB terminal messages and information dispatched by TAB
    • 5.2 Update wall lists as new information is received
  • 6. Clean and maintain TAB equipment
    • 6.1 Clean machines according to TAB guidelines and work health and safety regulations
    • 6.2 Make simple machine repairs with minimum disruption to customers and according to TAB specifications
    • 6.3 Report unserviceable machines promptly to the TAB and take follow up action to ensure breakdown is rectified
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