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Privacy Policy

Austrain Academy takes the privacy of our participants very seriously and we will comply with all legislative requirements.

These include the Privacy Act (1988) and the Privacy Amendment (Enhancing Privacy Protection) Act 2012. For the latest version of these acts please visit

We will adhere to the Australian Privacy Principles as effective from 12th March 2014.

Individuals may contact Austrain Academy by phone or email anonymously or pseudonymously for general information on our training & assessment services. However, personal information is required for enrolment into our programs to carry out the functions and services of our organisation, and to satisfy eligibility and reporting requirements.

If you do not wish to complete some forms or sections of required documentation , please advise an Austrain Academy representative and they will inform you if that information is required for enrolment into a specific program.

Austrain Academy generally requires personal information such as contact details, employment details, educational qualifications and sensitive information such as citizenship status through the completion by potential participants of our Enrolment Form.

This information is collected directly from the individual and will be assumed to be correct information to form the participant record. It will take precedence over any information collected from third parties and will be used to inform any third parties of errors in personal information (with the consent of the individual).

Failure to provide this information or other documents required by Austrain Academy may result in an individual's exclusion from the program or a limiting of services that Austrain Academy is able to provide.

Personal data is stored as hard copy and electronic data. Further information on the collection and storage of participant records is available in the Participant Records Policy and Procedure available in our Handbook.

In some cases as required by law and as required by the VET Quality Framework, we will need to make your information available to others. In all other cases we ensure that we will seek the written permission of the participant.

Access to individual participant training records will be limited to the participant themselves or those required by the Vet Quality Framework such as:

  • trainers / assessors and administration staff to access and update the records of the participants whom they are working with,
  • management personnel as required to ensure the smooth and efficient operation of the business,
  • officers from the Department of Education and Communities, the Australian Skills Quality Authority or their representatives for activities required under the Standards for Registered Training Organisations
  • results and attendance details will be provided to the employers of apprentices and trainees.

Or those required by law such as:

  • people permitted by law to access these records (e.g. subpoena / search warrants / social service benefits / evidence act)


Individuals have a right to access their personal information and to request its correction. This may be done via the Participant Record Access Form (these requests will be actioned within five working days), or the Participant Portal that participants are given access to upon enrolment.

Internal procedures and systems include periodic data integrity checks for accuracy and ongoing opportunities to update and correct personal information.

Individuals have the right to complain if they feel the Australian Privacy Principles have been breached by Austrain Academy. Our Complaints Appeals Policy and Procedures are available in our Handbook.

All Austrain Academy systems and data are located in Australia and will not be disclosed to overseas recipients.

Austrain Academy may direct market to participants with their consent. For example, an email to advertise upcoming refreshers for training previously undertaken by the individual. An easy option to 'opt out' of these communications will be provided; usually by return email.

Austrain Academy will not provide personal details to a third party for the purposes of marketing.

A copy of this policy is available free of charge from the Austrain Academy website, in our Participant Handbook and through the student and employer portals in our Student Management System. You may also contact the Austrain Academy CEO:

1300 20 40 20
PO Box 5177, Wollongong NSW 2520